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In Pictures - 'Send Nudes Live' at The London Palladium

Earlier this month, BU had the pleasure of being in attendance for artist Sophie Tea's latest extravaganza - which just so happened to be her biggest and most daring venture to date. With a sell-out crowd on hand at the prestigious London Palladium, the latest evolution of the Send Nudes series was empowering and celebratrory in equal measure, and the evening once again climaxed with a nude catwalk featuring no less than fifty brave and painted ladies. Here, in pictures, is our round-up of how the evening unfolded!

Artist Sophie Tea on stage with painted nude models at the London Palladium
The evening reached a crescendo with Sophie on stage and surrounded by her painted models

Promoted as 'A special evening to celebrate the female form', the latest incarnation of Sophie Tea's 'Send Nudes' event also happened to be the artist's first such nudie event in close to three years. Having previously hosted London shows in Shoreditch in 2019 and at the glitzy Waldorf Astoria in the summer of 2021 (both of which we cover extensively in our archives), the artist had, somewhat surprisingly, decided to step away from her 'nudie era' shortly thereafter; and with this chapter seemingly closed, Sophie instead set about focusing on abstract art which seemed to remain her primary focus for the bulk of 2022 and 2023.

However, with the sight of some fresh, body positive artwork that she's so renowned for once again creeping into Sophie's Instagram feed during the latter stages of last year, it did feel as though a return to the nude art that gained her such notoriety and prominence was potentially on the cards - and we were thrilled when this sentiment was all but confirmed with the exciting announcement that Send Nudes Live would be revived for this special, one night only event in one of the capital's most iconic theatres.

In contrast to the previous Send Nude events in London, the performance at the Palladium also featured an entire 'act one' of festivities prior to the nude catwalk kicking into swing - and not only did we get to enjoy the sight of Sophie painting a topless life model live on stage (accompanied by an incredibly talented gospel choir, no less), but BU particularly appreciated the relaxed discussions between Sophie and three of the models about their relationships with their bodies, and what participation in the catwalk event later that night meant to them on a personal level. This resulted in conversations and subject matters that are very close to our own heart, and it really added value and depth to the significance of the catwalk that would serve as the grand finale of act two.

Although we weren't quite able to nab front row seats on this occasion (it was the hottest ticket in town from the moment they went on sale back in November), we've tried our best to capture the essence and magic of the unforgettable event regardless - and without further ado, here are some of our favourite sights from across the evening.

The London Palladium on the day of Sophie Tea's 'Send Nudes' event in April 2024
The Palladium, one of London's most historic theatres, is a short walk away from Sophie's gallery in Carnaby Street

Sophie Tea graphics displayed outside The London Palladium prior to the artist's 'Send Nudes' event
The London Palladium was a far cry from the comparitively humble Protein Studios where Send Nudes debuted

The London Palladium box office ahead of Sophie Tea's 'Send Nudes' show in April 2024
A sold out crowd of nearly 2,300 people were on hand to enjoy the evening's body positive festivities

The stage of the London Palladium ahead of Sophie Tea's 'Send Nudes' show in April 2024
The calm before the storm. For those unable to attend, the show was also streamed live on Sophie's Instagram

Artist Sophie Tea on stage with painted catwalk models at the London Palladium in 2024
With the catwalk complete, the fifty models returned to the stage for a spectacular ticker-tape finale

Artist Sophie Tea pictured alongside painted models at the London Palladium
In addition to the stage, the models also walked (and danced) their way up and down the aisles in with the crowds

Artist Sophie Tea and her models receiving a standing ovation at the London Palladium in April 2024
Amongst the models was Verity Pitts and social media influencer Chessie King, both of whom participated back in 2019

Sophie Tea on stage with her nude painted models at her 'Send Nudes' event at the London Palladium
Sophie received an overwhelming response to nudie applications, with over 10,000 women hoping to be involved

Sophie Tea on stage with her models as confetti rains from the skies of the London Palladium
The nudies soaking up the crowd's adulation one last time as confetti rains from the skies of the London Palladium

'Soul', a painting by artist Sophie Tea, on display at the London Palladium
'Soul', a piece Sophie created for specifically for this event, was proudly displayed in the foyer

'Skin', a painting by artist Sophie Tea, on display at the London Palladium
'Skin', another of Sophie's special creations for the event that went on sale the day after Send Nudes Live

Two Sophie Tea catwalk models posing in their dressing gowns by the stage door of the London Palladium
Two of the painted catwalk models found themselves in huge demand for photos by the stage door!

- Send Nudes Live was held at the London Palladium on April 5, 2024. For more coverage, and to purchase limited edition prints and posters that Sophie created specifically to commemorate the event, be sure to head to for further details.

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