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In Pictures - Highlights from our body positivity photoshoot in London!

Back in October 2020, just two months after Britain Uncovered was founded, we celebrated the launch with our very own body positivity photoshoot held at the renowned Belt Craft Studios in North London - and we're now delving into our archives to bring you some of our favourite and most inspiring images from the day.

The photoshoot - which was held to kickstart the Britain Uncovered website and also to raise awareness of World Mental Health Day 2020 - took place on the morning of October 10, and you can access our full review of the day by clicking here. This brand new selection of photos provides a fresh perspective of everything we achieved on the day, and it was a truly celebratory occasion that was the perfect way of getting our project up and running.

The industrial-themed studios offered the ideal setting and provided a wide range of props and backdrops that we played around with throughout our session, and the exclusive use of a private courtyard at the back of the venue also gave us extra ways to get creative. Joining us on the day were Elizabeth, a semi-pro rugby player who had been dabbling in the modelling world for several months prior to our photoshoot; and Melissa, a London-based performer and body positivity model.

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